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August 3, 2018

InVision Studio Now Has Its Own App Store and Asset Store

InVision Studio, the new competitor in the designing world, now has its own app store and asset store within the Studio. With this introduction of the app store and asset store, InVision studio’s users will have easy access to many apps and purchase UX/UI components, icons and other designing requirements directly from the Studio.

Invision has partnered with Google, Salesforce, Slack, Getty, Atlassian, and more to make their venture a success. InVision started as a collaboration tool for designers, gained 4 million users (since 2011), nabbed 80% of the Fortune 100. Feeling the need to do more, InVision launched the InVision Studio in 2017, challenging Adobe and Sketch, the giants in the designing world.

The Studio stands apart from the rest of the crowd because of how the cater to the designer’s real life workflow. The workflow of a designer might involve building their design in one app, getting designing materials from another, working on animations and transitions on yet another pp and then combining them all together. And to make this much easier, InVision introduced the app store and asset store into their Studio.

Within the app store, searching for Getty images will display various Getty images within the app itself. You do not have to leave the app at all. Image previews can be shared through Slack, Atlassian or get feedback from people by sharing it to All this can be done without ever leaving the app. This is what you get when a design Studio has its own app store. With the help of the asset Store, InVision allows designers to sell their own assets to the    rest of the designing community. So if you’ve designed something awesome, sell it to the world through Invision studio’s asset store.

‘To truly become the operating system for product design’ is what InVision’s CEO, Clark Valberg aims for InVision. ‘To be to designers what Atlassian is for engineers, what Salesforce is to sales’. With Innovative thinking like this, it is definitely bound to happen, sooner than later.

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