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January 25, 2018

WhatsApp Business App Rolls Out in India

WhatsApp Business app made its way into the world in 2017 and it has finally reached India. And who was this app tailored for? Like the name suggests, the app is tailor made for business owners. WhatsApp Business app, unlike the original WhatsApp app, is purely business oriented. With the help of this app, business owners can have a larger reach on their customers, by providing services through the Business app.

Should both businesses and customers have WhatsApp Business app installed on their smartphone for communication between them to take place? The answer is no. Customers need not have the Business app. They can use the regular WhatsApp app whereas the business runners need to use the Business app to interact with their customers to provide services. This is a huge advantage to businesses because now, they do not have to spend resources and time to develop and maintain their own business websites or apps.  

To make this a bit more clear, consider the Uber app. The drivers have a separate app called Uber Driver and the people who want to avail the Uber cab services just need to use the Uber app. WhatsApp Business app was built targeting small business owners. With the help of the Business app, business owners can use tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages making it much easier to keep in touch with the customers. Let’s look at some of the features of WhatsApp Business app.

With the WhatsApp Business app, you can create a business profile with the address, and contact details of your business. Customers can know whether a contact is a business contact or not because if it’s a business contact it will be listed as a Business Account. The Quick Replies feature lets you to save messages that you frequently send to your customers so that you can respond to your customers very quick. You can also set up Automated Messages. This can be useful when you want to send them greetings or when customers try to contact you in off-hours. You can get insights with the help of Messaging Statistics feature. With this feature, you can get statistics about how many of our messages were successfully sent, delivered and read. You can also link WhatsApp Business to WhatsApp Web as well!

Many small businesses use WhatsApp to communicate with their customers and with the introduction of WhatsApp Business, interaction is made much easier. Head on to the WhatsApp website or Google Play Store to get the app.

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