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December 23, 2017

Get Google's Files Go App to Free Up Phone Space

Google's Files Go is finally out of beta and available globally. And the purpose of the app is to manage your phone’s storage which is one of the most tiring tasks that a person has to do in their phones.  Google's Files Go will help you de-clutter and organize your phone space so that you don’t have to worry about your phone running out of storage space.

Let me breeze you through the features of Files Go. With Files Go you can easily free up space. You can delete old photos and videos with just a few taps. You can free up the cache straight from the home screen itself. You probably have received a lot of pictures, memes and short clips in your chat apps like Whatsapp and you’ve completely forgotten about them or didn’t bother to delete them at the time. Files Go will help get you get rid of them very easily with just a few taps. The app will show duplicate files that are in your phone and clear them as well. Another cool feature is that Files Go will suggest files to erase and these suggestions gets better with usage of the app.

Wait, I’m not done yet. You can also delete apps from Files Go as well. The app will show you a list of apps that you haven’t used for a while. Going through the list, you can find and uninstall the apps that you don’t use anymore. The File Viewer is another neat feature where you can get all your files organised in folders like images, videos, apps, received files, documents, etc.

Almost forgot! You can share files directly from the app! With speeds up to 125 Mbps, you can share files with nearby phones pretty easily using a secure hotspot connection provided that the devices have Files Go installed. The file sharing service is secured with WPA2 encryption thus enabling encrypted file sharing. You can also backup your files to cloud like Google Drive.

That’s almost it. Files Go is a very cool app that will definitely benefit you in efficiently managing your storage space. Head t to the Google Play Store to download Files Go to your device.

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