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September 18, 2017

Google Adds New Video Review Feature to Google Maps

Google launched a new video review feature for the Local Guides program in Google Maps, which will allow users to add video reviews, that is, short clips of the locations that they are in. For instance, consider a person at a restaurant, the person can take a short clip of the restaurant (or its neighbourhood) and upload it which will help other users in locating the restaurant faster or help in deciding whether or not to eat there depending on the video reviews that has been submitted.

Adding videos to locations can definitely help mapping better. If you are new to a place and you want to find a particular spot, video clips can definitely be more helpful than still images. With the help of this video review feature, when you search for a destination in Google Maps, you will also get video clips of the location. Although the feature is now available only for the Android version of the app, other versions will start seeing this update soon.

You could only upload still images of locations in Google Maps until now. A 10-second clip can be added using the Google Maps app, or you could upload a 30-second clip from the camera roll. With the help of this video feature, people can also make personal reviews as long as they do not violate any review policies. This feature can help local businesses as well. Uploading videos of your business rather than still images, will definitely help attract more customers. So local business can make use of this video feature to show off their businesses and thus reel in more customers.

Google Maps had earlier added a reward system for Local Guides, which rewarded users who regularly left reviews, upload photos or other information, with 1TB of storage space. With the help of this program, Google Maps could have relevant information about the locations.  Along with the video review feature, mapping just got a whole lot better.

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