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September 30, 2017

Facebook Launches New Blood Donation Feature in India

Pegging National Blood Donation Day, Facebook will roll out a feature with which people can sign up as blood donors. Starting October 1, this feature will allow people to sign up from their profile or from promo posts that will be featured on the News Feed page. India, the second largest country of Facebook users will have the honour of getting this feature before any other country.

This feature would be a great help to a country like India where there is a shortage of safe blood. Those in need of blood can make a Facebook post with details such as blood bank or hospital name, address, time, blood type, contact info, etc. After such a post is made, nearby blood donors will be notified. Blood donors can contact the people who made the request via WhatsApp or Messenger or by making a phone call.  Details of the blood donor won't be made available to the one requesting for the blood unless the donor wishes to do so.

When signing up, donors have to enter information such as blood type, whether they have donated before, etc and all these details are private by default but they can also make it public if they wish to do so. When you sign up, you are not registering to any blood banks. You will do so only when you donate blood.

This is a good way for people who wants to donate blood but do not know where to go or what to do for donating blood. This feature could prove very useful in emergency situations. If it becomes a success, Facebook will roll out the feature globally.

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