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September 22, 2013

How to Increase Internet Speed In idea Netsetter

How to Increase Internet Speed In idea Netsetter

    Idea Cellular is one of the best mobile network operators in India. The internet connection provided by the company is unbelievably fast and with this tip you can get the maximum out of your idea net-setter and make your browsing experience faster and easier. Just follow these simple steps.

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Download Cabelenut software from here.Extract the zip file and run the .exe file.

After installation, open CableNut shortcut from the desktop.

In the folder, you will see an application file named ‘adjuster’. Open it.

You will now see a Manual Tweak Screen window. 

Enter these values into the respective fields.

Default Receive Window = 17520
Default SendWindow = 8096
Disable Address Sharing = 1
Initial Large Buffer Count = 10
Initial Medium Buffer Count = 24
Initial Small Buffer Count = 32
Large Buffer Size = 4096
Max Fast Transmit = 6400
Medium Buffer Size = 1504
Priority Boost = 0
Small Buffer Size = 128
Transmit Worker = 32
Fast Send Data gram Threshold = 1024
Enable Fast Route Lookup = 1
Enable PMTU Discovery = 1
Ignore Push Bit On Receives = 0
Global Max Tcp Window Size = 8760
Max Free Tcbs = 2000
Max HashTableSize = 4096
Max Norm Look up Memory = 5000000
Sack Opts = 1
Syn Attack Protect = 1
Tcp1323Opts = 0
Tcp LogLevel = 1
Max Dup Acks = 2
Tcp Max Half Open = 100
Tcp MaxHalfOpenRetried = 80
Tcp Recv Segment Size = 1460
Tcp Send Segment Size = 1460
Tcp Timed Wait _Delay = 32
Tcp Useb RFC1122 Urgent_Pointer = 0
Tcp Window _Size = 8760
Maximum ConnectionsPer1_0 Server = 8
Maximum Connections Per Server = 4
Default TTL = 128
DisableUser TOS_ Setting = 0
Tcp Max Data _Retransmissions = 6
Default TOSValue = 91

Then press the Save to Registry button.

Now you should download TCP Optimizer. Download the software from here. Extract the zip and and run the .exe file. 

After installation, you will get the SG TCP Optimizer window.

On the Choose Settings option at the bottom, choose Custom and change the values as follows:

Max MTU - 1500
MTU Discovery - Yes
Black Hole Detect - No
Selective ACKs - Yes
Max Dup ACKs - 2
Time to Live (TTL) - 128
TCP 1323 Options - Deselect both Window Scaling and Timestamps.
Click on Apply Changes.

Restart your computer system.

That’s it. Your internet speed has increased to a whole new level. You can check your internet speed from this link.


  1. Nice information. Using this tips, Now i have better internet speed. And i had checked internet speed from the site It helps to check internet speed accurately.

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